The Nexus Fibreglass Pool and Spa Range

Dive into luxury with our fibreglass Inground Swimming pools.

Choose a style for your inground backyard fibreglass swimming pool that ensures it is dressed for the occasion and explore our portfolio of exciting features. No matter how you wish to accessorise your pool – with a spa, splash deck, swim out ledge or more – we have something for everyone’s preference. Plus, Nexus Pools offers many size options to accommodate your backyard. Just use our gallery below to help you select the pool of your dreams.

The Retreat

Available in 12.2m, 10m and 8.2m

The Unity

Available in 12.2m, 10m, 9.15m, 8.2m, 7m and 6.1m

The Eternal

Available in 12.2m, 10.7m, 9.15m, 8.2m, 7m and 6.1m

The Muse with Spa

Available in 7.6m and 6.1m

The Muse with Raised Spa

Available in 7.6m and 6.1m

Choose Your Colours

Create Your Appealing and Harmonious Outdoor Space

Selecting the right colours for your pool and its surroundings is a crucial aspect of creating a visually appealing and harmonious outdoor space. The colours you choose can influence the overall aesthetic, mood, and atmosphere of your pool area.

Ultimately, your choice of pool colours should reflect your personal style and taste. Take into account what colours make you feel most comfortable and relaxed in your outdoor space.